Keyword tips on your website!

The key to any SEO in an organization is using key words and phrases that drive a certain audience to your page. Whether your page be about shoes, NASCAR, or frozen yogurt, your key words that you use to link to your article or website optimize the way your future customers find you in a search engine.



The definition of this feature is called keyword density, which (basically) combines all keywords relevant to the search to lead consumers to your page and points them in the right direction using this feature. Abusing this feature can be detrimental to your brand, though. The abuse of this feature, also called hijacking is also described by Lon Safko as follows:

Search engine spiders check this by analyzing your list of important keywords and checking the number of times those words are actually used on your web page. This helps to prevent a process called hijacking, which occurs when someone lists important words such as “presidential election” for a website that sells shoes so that it garners traffic for the site”


In all reality, this does nothing to benefit your brand, but actually affect it in a negative light. Think of it as false advertising. A potential customer is looking for an article on car parts for a BMW, lets say lights just to be specific. They type in on  search engine “BMW headlights”, and the SEO of the engine will lead them to your page via keyword and phrases. Come to find out, your article is really about ceiling fans and floor fans for your house, but at the bottom of the page, they list tags like this:

fans, ceiling, fans, vans, cars, sedans, BMW, house, lights, accessory, Audi, toothpaste, toothbrush, clothes, style… etc.


This might drive traffic to your page, but it will also be in the most negative way possible since it is not what the consumer is looking for. The key to this feature is to be specific to your audience, and tailor your message so it makes it easy to find the items or services that they are looking for, and aren’t disappointed when they stumble onto your web page and are displeased with what they discover.

If you want to maintain a good image for your brand, learn this trade now so that it doesn’t set your company up for failure. This could be a huge selling point for your company or brand, if done in the right fashion. Remember; consumers are more likely to remember something done wrong than remember something done right. You don’t want to give the wrong impression of your brand as deceitful in the beginning stages of development, no matter how desperate you may be for traffic to your page, which ever the outlet maybe. BE HONEST and be CONSIDERATE of your consumer. Deception will forever mark your name in the eyes of the consumer if one small aspect of the company goes south, which will make it extremely difficult to rebuild your brand again once that occurs.


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